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We are located at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, nationally ranked #1 in marine science by the National Academy of Sciences. We are affiliated with the Marine Biology Research Division. Our facilities include:

  • Photon-counting photometry for low-light measurements with computerized data acquisition
  • Low-light analog and digital video camera systems with computer-based image processing
  • Commercial luminometers for measurements of chemi- and bioluminescence
  • Laboratory flow fields – 1 m long pipe flow apparatus, micro-pipe flow, nozzle flow, turbulent jet flow, Couette flow, all with computer-controlled pump systems
  • Inverted epifluorescence microscope and stereo microscope with digital photography and video capability
  • An NIST-referenced calibration facility for radiometric calibration of detectors
  • Gel electrophoresis apparatus
  • Complete facilities for culturing marine phytoplankton
  • Use of nearby Experimental Aquarium for maintenance of marine animals
  • Access to seawater and plankton collecting via the Scripps pier